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The Genesis of Illness

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Open letter for Medical Hypotheses


S.W. Bok: medical researcher / cellphysiologe

p/a: Apartado 195, 7300 Portalegre, Portugal

Dear colleagues,

After 14 years studying at the University I became a medical specialist, a surgeon. I became a medical specialist like my father and grandfather: a family tradition.

But at the end of my study I felt totally unhappy by having responsibility for others.

Medical doctor? Surgeon? I did not know what health was. I did not know what illness was. I did not know what cancer was or AIDS. I did not know anything.

The only thing that I learned were trics with which one knew empirically, that 'our enemy' death disappeared for a while and with which I was able to earn money. I took the responsibility of a docter /a surgeon, but with fear. Due to this fear my real study began at the moment that the society forced me to take this 'false' responsibility for others. My study-material did exist of thousands and thousands human beings who accosted me with their "supposed" illness. I worked like a possessed to try to find the source, the origin of illness.

About 20 years this tortment should last. In a crazy race, in which I exhausted myself totally and died a thousands deaths, I slowly came to the origin. But then I realised, that I not only came to the origin of illness itself but to the Genesis –the source of being. During that race I realised more and more that everything is in everything and also that everything is related with everything.

I resolved not only woundhealing, the irreversible shock, illnesses in mother and child directly after birth, organ rejection in organ transplantation, collateral vessel grow, cancer devellopment, heredity and the heredity of illnesses or AIDS.

Finally I was able to give an overall definition of illness.

I was born in a docter's coat. It was a havy hereditive load, builded up during many generations ! I resolved /dismantled a huge enemy: the occurrence of illness itself. Due to that I enloaded my hereditive problem, but I will die in my docter's coat. That is written in my genes. The only thing I can give you now is the source of illness itself: OUR THINKING.


In 1979 I published an article in which I hypothesized the possibility of woundhealing in Medical Hypotheses (1). The acceptation for publication in such a well-known medical journal like Medical Hypotheses as well as the mental support of Prof. Peter Safars from Pittsburg and Prof. Wilhelm Erdman from Rotterdam gave me the opportunity to start experiments on patients in the hospital I worked for.

Hundreds of patients recieved experimental treatments at a broad field of illnesses (2,3). Most of these trials never have been published. However, the results were even for me incredible. Some of them were so incredible, that nobody could accept thát what they saw with their own eyes.

I became able to revascularize limbs in patients who came for amputation, within 15 minutes only. I became able to correct local or general irreversible shock and much more. It was crazy, but the successes made my colleagues anxious.

Already in 1980 I published in the same journal two other leading hypotheses about pregnancy and cancer(4,5). These three hypotheses together gave me work to explore for the following 10 years.

Woundhealing is a process of a shorttermed increased cellmitosis.

Pregnancy is a process of tumorgrowth in which the fast develloping tumor do show us a progressive cell-differentiation, with the end-result a rejection of 'the tumor' outside the maternal body.

Cancer is a process of tumorgrowth in which the fast develloping tumor do show us a progressive cell-dedifferentiation with the endresult metastases in the body, total exhaustion and death.

Looking deeper into both latest processes, pregnancy and cancer seemed to be oppositional enteties.

Questions arises like: Why new borns were rejected and tumors were accepted? Or, why total energy increases during pregnancy and decreases during tumor growth? There had to be a correlation between both.

It became clear for me that the key could be found in the cellular atmosphere /the mucopolysaccharide-layer, in relation to hyaluronidase. This layer originates as the result of exhaustion of waste-materials of cellmetabolism only (1,4,5).

At that time I already became scared, fascinated and impressed.

First of all I found that behaviours of cells, individual cells and/or one cellular organisms do show exactly the same behaviours as our human being's attitude (1,7). I saw resemblances between cells and their cellular atmosphere as well as evolution /growth of mother earth and her atmosphere. Was it reality or fiction?

In 1982 I published an article about our degeneration and the hypothetical possibility to revitalize our mental body by injections of cell-specific hyaluronidases and /or placenta (6). In animal treatment with unspecific hyaluronidase the vitality raised obviously. These studies never have been published, but are easily reproduceble.This hypothesis was tested by hundreds of patients during 1982 and 1986. This treatment was already well-known as the cell-therapy of Niehans.

Untill then cell therapy was an empiric treatment, but now this empiry recieved body. Due to the good results this "hypothesis" became a thesis for me. The question arised: is illness a life-threatning situation due to the changes in our cellular atmosphere only? In the meantime I was confronted with information about the changes in earthal atmosphere as well. Are the changes of our climate also the result of the changes of earthal atmosphere?

The more I came deeper in the labyrinth of our attitude about health and illness, even more questions arised. At that time my experimental treatments on patients had already reached a point, that it was not longer possible to combine this work within the regime of the conventional medical society. Due to all opposition of the establishment, I started a purely experimental privat praxis.

In 1986, after 5 years of using electro-acupuncture measurements, I finally found the key of cancer development. It was the result of a longlasting progressive "over-energy" in relation to other organ-energies in our disbalanced body. It was the opposite reaction of celdifferentiation, what was due to starvation. Then I realised as well that I only reopened /reexplored the book of wisdom of the Old Chinese (the Universal Truth of the 5 elements); a book that I cold not interpretate until then correctly. And in that light I presented my last article for Medical Hypotheses: Cancer, a reactive mechanism in order to try to survive (1988). This article never has been published because it was to confronting.

For me it was a total deception. I really thought that I was trying to dismantle an enemy and now ……. it seemed to be a friend. Of course it was an hypothesis and this hypothesis had to be tested as well before being sure. It was like I tested all other hypotheses to make them to a working thesis with which I was able to continue my search in the labyrinth. In this light I organized a worldcongress in 1980 at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam after receiving more than 3000 reaction on these 3 publications in Medical Hypotheses (8).

This congress was only a test for myself: "Is it worthwhile to continue or not?" So my hypothesis about cancer was: In sted of a enemy it lookes like a friend. Whenever this was true, the friend did not seem to be strong enough.

So I decided to inject terminal cancer patients 2 times a week, with extracts of their own tumor in order to help my "natural friend". I treated about 20 patients. The changes I introduced were temporary but they were so relevant that I became 100% sure, that the hypothesis became a real thesis for me.

Patiens lost their feeling of exhaustion. Secondly there was a significant relieve of tumor pain. Then I saw that explosive tumorgrowth stopped or even decreased in size. But! In the meantime I found, that during time I needed to increase my amount of injections to withstand a reinflamation of this process. However, the group of patients I treated was very small and the variety of types of cancer very big. Neverless my conclussion was: I found the key but not a solution.

But is there a solution? Whenever cancer is a natural reactive mechanism? One of these aspects of all nature is a force of archieving an equilibrium. That can be found back everywhere.

During all that years of experiments I found an increasing organ-disbalance in everyone. It became possible to correct this disbalance only temporary with different sorts of cell specific hyaluronidases. But it always was temperary. The more I corrected these disbalances, even more patients experienced it as becoming more healthy. Whatever the disbalances were, a significant decrease of disbalances could be archieved always with thalamus /hypothalamus and /or placenta injections.

There was one group of patients in which I was able to introduce a permanent change in the disbalance especially. It were patients suffering postnatal depression or other sorts of postnatal problems in mother or child, like breast feeding problems, neonatal icterus or neonatal sugar-instability. I only needed to inject once-only placenta (4,9). It was a "required" disbalance. This required desease seemed to be due to changed attitude in life-style. Zoöloges eat their placenta after birth, but for the zoöloge "men" it became an inferior thought.

During about 5 years I treated more than a hundred patients with postnatal depression. The duration of this illness ranged from 1 day to 20 years. Without treatment the specific disbalances due to this "illness" seemed to be permanent. The earlier the lack of placenta was corrected, the faster postnatal depression disappeared. The fastest mental correction was into a couple of hours (9).

Due to my research of heredy in relation to organ-disbalances, it became absolutely certain for me that incorrected required disbalances become genetic ones (10,11).

There was one other group with a so called required desease. These were patients in which an organ was surgically removed where'after typical complains origined. The most well known are the complains after uterus extirpation, but it also is the fact by removing other organs. However treatment became possible also ,it was much less simple as the previous group. It is not the place here to go deeper into this matery now. I only can say that I solved this problem due to my knowledge of celldifferentiation and celldedifferentiation.

Is n't all nature in a wellbalanced equilibrium due to all different life-styles in which waste materials normely not samples and are of benefit for other ones?

Is n't evolution of man-kind with all his different specialised cell not also a product of all nature as well, in which the same rules exists?

Due to the examinations of new-borns I could state that the general disbalance in everybody is genetically. The disbalances correspondent nearly exactly with the disbalances of one of both parents. Only pancreatic and adrenal energies always shows reversed activity. In my book "In the beginning", I attended this chapter extensively (11).

As I told, I was not able to correct these genetic disbalances permanently. They always came back. And in my definite conclusion concerning the occurrence of cancer, these heredited longlasting disbalances play a crutial role. I decided to stop my experiments on cancer patiens as long as I was not able to correct organ disbalances permanently. In the meantime I became more and more scared, looking into the world in which disbalances between rich and poor (= energy) increases also.

Is n't body and sool one unity?

Is our mondial society a reflection of our mind /mentality as well?

Are n't all disbalances in our energetic equilibrium the results of our changed attitude of our life style?

Was it therefore that I could introduce a temporary decrease of disbalances by cerebral cell-specific hyaluronidases? Was it therefore that I was able to correct postnatal problems permanenly, because I reintroduced again placenta?

At the same time I saw in this global society all aspects of cancer development. I saw metastases of the longlasting rich countries into the poor ones. I saw their destruction of the infrastructure during this infiltration together with the pain of the original habitants. I saw recycling aspects of wastematerials by the ones who produced that waste. But I saw also resemblances between the changes in the cellular atmosphere in which holes occure in the cancercells and the holes that do originate now in the ozon-layer as well. And I saw a general change of attitude to individualism what can be illustrated so characteristically in bloodsamples of cancerpatients as well!

Where these all coincidences, or happens everything in everything simultaneously like the Old Chinese Wisdom leaved? I did not want to see it, but the resemblances were to convincing.

The first lecture about this threatening view entitled "cancer, it's like economy" I presented in 1985 on an international medical congress. Afterwards I realised, that –like me– nobody wanted to see this threatening view. And therefore I was condemmed openly in the medical world and the press.

Was I wrong?

Was I right?

Was their condemnation their own fear?

I had to continue my work in order to solve my last question; in order to solve my own fear as well. This question was: "Where do these progressive organ disbalances find their origin: in the body or in the sool?"

For me it became likely that illnesses in general and cancer specifically were introduced by our attitude in life /our doing only. Doing is like thinking a speciality of the human being. Doing is like thinking a typical activity of our left brain /of our analitic brainpart. This is in contrast to conscience or deep knowing, which is located in our right brainpart (10,11).

Due to our doing and thinking, we were able to counteract many natural enemies. This resulted in doubling our individual life-time resembling animals of the same age of evolution, and an increase of our quantity (7). Is illness /cancer in body and sool the prise we have to pay for our thinking, without using our right brain anymore?

Another 3 years I neaded to get grip on this last hypothesis. I really can not describe inhere, how I did do all these experiments on patients. I can tell you that I started with a new sort of cerebal hyaluronidase: corpus callosum in order to try to re-open the degenerated bridge between the left and the right brainpart. I made special magnific bands in order to bring energy from the left to the right brain. In the meantime I measured the energy of organs.

I saw a dramatic changes in the direction of a real total body equilibrium. During these "treatments", patients became very calm, even lazy. Due to this change of mental attitude, some patients told me that such a situation would damage their active social life and their career.

Then I realised that during all these years of doing medicine, nobody really wanted to changes their life-style.

It was the end of my experiments. I reached the centre of the labyrinth. It also was the end of my doctership. Afterwards I realised that I solved the problem of my wold-famous grandfather ( Prof. S.T.Bok†). He was one of the founders of cybernetica of our left brain functioning (12). One says that the devellopment of our "thinking machine" /the computer, was the result of his work. This grandfather's problem was sampled like every unsolved problem is incarnated in our cells as well in mind as in the organs of our body (10,11).

My fear and obcession were only an hereditive "illness" of thát what he did not found before he died. My heredity experiments are even much intesting than all other discoveries, I found in between. But, it is not relevant in here.

My grandfather came to the conclusion that our thinking was the result of conditional reflexes in the left brain part, due to which we are able to react quickly without using our right brain (13).

Due to our progressive thinking, we lost every real contact with our deep conscience and /or all nature. In the Dutch language we would say: We evoluted from 'weten' to 'geweten' into 'gewetenloosheid' (from deep knowing to concience into unscrupulousness). Due to this fenomon, we created falls enemies outside ourselves, however the greatest enemy is located inside ourself: ILLNESS IS A PROCESS DUE TO OUR THINKING WITHOUT KNOWING.


During about 20 years I published many articles and a couple of books.

One thing became very clear for me. The deeper I struggled myself into this labirinth even more I became condemned by my colleagues and others. Every individual group of specific disciplines closed their doors.

At first I could not understand why. Now I can say that it is a rejection due to fear that do exists in everyone. Nearly everybody do have a flight reaction for this fear and so this became a common attitude: named 'positive thinking'. I heredited the opposite attitude of my grandfather who stated: "when you have a problem, go into it untill it has been solved".

Due to thinking man distinguish between good and bad. Due to positive thinking, only one part of the medalis delighted. It seems to be crazy, but this is also a typical cancer sighn. In cancer patients the fight reaction of the body disappears also. Initially I qualified the overall aggressive attitude as 'enemy-thinking'. I am pleased. that I became able to accept it as logical result of the total lack of our fight reaction mentally.

Now I can accept also that our cancerous society in all her aspects is a natural reactive mechanism in order to survive as well.

During my praxis many times patients asked me if I was clairvoyant. They asked it because questions I proponed during measurements of all different organs about organic and mental qualities.

It became clear that organ disbalances are a reflection of mental disbalances. These mental disbalances do form somebodies character. It can be found back in the language by saying; he/she is cordial or do have something on his/her liver(13).

During my long march in the labyrinth, I became convinced about an evolutionary process of illnesses during successive generations(14). I became convinced also that everything is in everything and evolute in the same way, at the same time as well. Definitively I became convinced, that history repeats from time to time everytime on a more "evoluted" level. It's like heredity in which "the apple is not falling far away from the tree".

When I was young, one characterised society as being ill. Nowadays –50 years later– it's styled as being cancerous.

One objection of cancer specialists was, that cancer already existed in ancient times. This became one of the most relevant objections against my theory. Looking superficially into history, this objection seems a closely reasoned argument.

History repeats. Cultures come and go. At the end of every culture, not only many publication were the result of the deep feeling of fear. At the end of every culture, homosexuality and even AIDS did appear as well. At the end of the Egypt culture, this illness received the name SIDA. It's intesting to know that in Portugal AIDS is still named SIDA. At the end of every culture with their tremendous amount of publication , cancer was also amply described because its incidence increased; like it increases now dramatically. These cultures seem to have also a certain life-time, like everything and everyone. Their life-time always is about 2000 years.

This also has been observed in the ancient times and this was related to cosmic waves like high tide and low tide. They always come and go on a equal way. It lookes like that "men" only react on cosmic energy waves, like all living creatures react on tide changes or react differently during full moon and new moon.

At this moment we are witness of a society in which all aspects of cancer, even homosexuality and AIDS are present.

I am scared about the near future. I am scared about the future of our children, many of them show an attitude of having no future anymore. I am scared, but have to accept.

Perhaps the question arises: Did we do wrong or right?

Whenever men only react on cosmic energy waves, it is impossible that we do wrong.

Scientists now became sure, that the planets were part of the sun. They are also convinced that sun-temperature is decreasing. That implies that earthal temperature decreases also.

I mentioned already that reactive mechanisms of all nature is always a try to stabilize or even try to archieve an equilibrium. This attitude is very well known in the attitude of men.

Every life form do create energy by its metabolism. Men do create even more by controling fire. Especially now, energy emission by men and its machines are exorbinant. Of course there is a maximum of there possibilities. That would imply that earthal life is temporary as well.

It's what it is.

It's life.

Life is temporary in all her aspects.


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