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In de ban van 'demoncratie'

bron: volkskrant blog, apr 2006

Waar is Moshe Socrates gebleven?
Zou hij gestikt zijn in zijn openlijke verdachtmakingen in deze krant, dat ik de reincarnatie van Hitler was?
Lijkt me sterk!
Dat is bepaald niet Jood eigen!
Om met Neerland's stamvader de Heer van Gulik te spreken gaan Joden alleen voor de winst.
Wat dat betreft zouden wij westerlingen wel allemaal Joden kunnen zijn.

Recent koos God uit ons midden de Nazi-Paus Ratzinger als zijn aardse afgezant.
Het lag in Gods bedoeling, dat hij de aangewezen figuur was om Hitler te heiligen voor zijn werk: de invoering van de demoncratie.
National Geographic was hem al voorgegaan door de Judas-penning te vergulden.
Maar helaas is Ratzinger daar te kleinmenselijk voor en hij zal diplomatisch kiezen voor een tussenoplossing.
Zijn kleinmenselijkheid kan je al zien op de wijze waarop hij schijnheilig het kruis des doods slaat. Net of hij bang is!
Hij zal Hitler eerst aanwijzen als de voorzegde anti-Christ en zal het moeilijke werk laten liggen voor… de wederopstanding van Jesus!
Zelf zal hij het "voorbereidende" werkzaamheden noemen uit angst voor de waarheid.
Is het niet hetzelfde als hoe wij onze kinderen opzadelen met een verdorde aarde?
Mag ik U uitnodigen voor de geschiedenis van de demoncratie?
Het artikel was bedoeld voor het open discussie-forum Europa, maar een spam blokkeerde mij.
Zodoende kan ik slechts vragen mee te doen op ander forums over ons naderend einde welke te vinden zijn op: [removed by webmaster due to broken links]

The Devil is wearing God's clothes.
Subtitle: In the spell of Western demoncracy.

Recently I had a considerable discussion with a fundamentalist of the Christian Faith.
One of the subjects was "who is the Devil"
His answer was very clear: "The Jewish definition of the Devil is he who is sowing dissension".
"My God", I reacted immediately, "then mankind's thinking in terms of good and bad is a Evil's behavior."

The nowadays world is in the spell of Western democracy.
It is for sure the strangest political model ever made by mankind.
It is an inheritance of the biggest war ever: the Second World War.
It is an inheritance of five years living in fear and hope, which made us think extremely in terms of black and white or good and bad.
Democracy is a system of halting between these two opinions.
On one hand it is a purely capitalism system and on the other hand it prays to be socialistic one.
In the Dutch language one would say: "It is speaking with two tongues or a search for a sheep with 5 legs.
Speaking in political terms it is the optimal form of "Creating power by dissension".
Speaking in terms of a doctor, it is a purely schizophrenic attitude.
Speaking in Christian terms, it is dealing with the Devil.
All rules of life find its cradle in the 10 commandments and like in Church the penalties of guilt disappear in the pay-desk of the state.
Following our interpretations of these commandments people represent the good in Western eyes and automatically…
It was the birth of "the overseas beast with the 10 horns of commandments" as predicted by the disciple John.
However officially the Christian Church and the State are two different bocks of power, in reality they collaborate.
I don't go in detail here about the predicted Holy War, however the cradle of Western evil thinking in terms of "terrorists" is hidden in this western mentality.

Of course democracy of the Western Alliance was a reasonable and comprehendible decision once.
The general happiness after these years of agony together with the general fear for re-inflammation of this fiery period created first of all an heavily armed freedom.
It created an armed freedom in the West and in the East.
The Western Alliance lost many soldiers for creating peace, but the casualties on Russian sides were at least of equal quantity.
But Russia was a communist's dictatorship and governed by Stalin.
The fresh memories of the dictatorship of Hitler created a new possible enemy.
This was the beginning of the Cold War.
Whenever these were the only acts of our Western Demoncracy - once originated out of fear for a repetition of this worldwide drama - it looks like a noble high-minded ambition.

In the mean time the scientific discoveries about the mechanism of thinking increased as well.
Thinking was found to be a process of inheritable conditional reflexes.
It was found that one could imitate these reflexes by repetitive presentation of pictures, which strengthened emotions in terms of good and bad.
It was found that these pictures were creating a change in mental experiences.
It was found to be possible to change mentality in both sides by playing with emotions.
It even changes characters, owing to attractive and repulsive emotions.
It is changing our genetic cord during cell-mitosis, as these emotions are electric tensions.
Without going in detail about the huge negative side effects for general health, it is clear that these discoveries were the beginning of a world of advertisement.
The emotions of the Second World War were engraved in everyone's memory and so the Western World began a well-considered apparently peaceful mental brainwash in the West and… in the East.
The results were unbelievable.
The effects were even more successful than making a real war against dictator Russia!
The successes were so incredible that not only the fear was used to influence people, but also the wish for security in general as well as the wish for luxury.
Finally one became able to manipulate people by playing with their individual emotions completely.
What is manipulation even more as demagogy, demagoguery, brainwashing or hypnosis?
Isn't that a real Evil's act by Devil's thoughts?
In this whole political plan the media had and still have a central role and this bastion was heavily subsidized by the leading cartels.
In this way the Western World was able to preach the good and the bad all over the world.
Slowly this whole "democratic brainwash boom" grew to its perfection.
The economic power of the West was so strong that even economic boycotts were a strong weapon for countries that disagreed Western Democracy.
In order to fulfil the need of oil for the technologic boom, the use of dissension created so much internal conflicts in the Arabic countries, that the return to peace claimed military interventions.
This became the first confrontation with a completely different attitude of life, which finally resulted in the predicted Holy War.
But because State and Church in the West are still separated officially, nobody experiences it as a war and so the new enemy was born: "the terrorists".

But there is more to tell.
Owing to free elections a multi-party system created an internal dissension in all countries as well. It guaranteed a dissension of the citizens as well, which made it easier to maintain America's goals to become a world-power.
Secondly the citizens demanded more and more security by laws and policemen and so they slowly became complete slaves of their own demands in this fast growing system of "Big Brother is watching you".
It all looked and still looks so human and honest for them who are brainwashed, but in reality it became the strongest dictatorship ever!

The overall results of an over-nourished social-structured consumer society with an individual need for all technological advances don't need any discussion.
The general Devil's brainwashing is so strong, that everybody experiences these extras as obligatory needs to live. We all became completely addicted to these drugs.
The years of increased economic growth in the Western World made them - money is power - stronger and stronger.
Together with seemingly "peaceful" indoctrination of the East, the West was able to pray democracy the East as well. Most of these countries lost the race of economic expansion, felt in poverty and again this created an ideal matrix for democratic propaganda.
Eastern leaders, who tried to defend their countries against "the Christian beast with the 10 horns of commandments" were "peacefully" manipulated by their own citizens. And when economic boycotts and propaganda failed…
Isn't it the saying "when you want to hit, you always find a stick"?
In the mean time the Western World became overstocked and to guarantee economic growth for their citizens further expansion was an absolute necessity.
Slowly the whole world can in the spell of Western Demoncracy.

Everybody who agitates against this Devil's regime in the name of "armed and brainwashed peace in the name of God" is now the newest enemy.
The terrorists became the newest enemies.
They stand in the way of the predictions of our Christ, who predicted a thousand years of peace and harmony on earth when the Devil should be captured!
May I ask you?
Wasn't this also the goal of Hitler?
Again the Devil's brainwash-machinery of the West, who poses to be the peace-makers on earth send - without any protest of their brainwashed citizens - heavily armed "peace-soldiers" to kill the cross-planners in the name of "human rights" and even in the name of God.
It is like "general cowboy Bush" frequently says in front of his brainwashed fellow citizens: "We are the good who will clear away the evils in this wonderful world and will bring peace and harmony for everyone".

Democracy : it is the Devil who wears God's clothes!

I have to apologize for this cruel and very incomplete story of our demoncracy.
Unfortunately and perhaps fortunately it is not possible to discuss all subjects in this cancerous globalizes world-society.
Recently a new attack of "terrorist" claimed 53 followers of this demoncratic system and again the world was found to be in the spell of human rights and a deep desire for peace.
The victims received the label of innocent citizens, but aren’t we all responsible for this dictatorship?
Recently the European Union - once built to increase European power against the East and the West- was confronted with a neglecting of one democratic constitution, but this attack increased solidarity again.
I feel sorry about this black article, but in my humble opinion life on earth is only growing to the worst ever.

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