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Cosmic super-wave

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The Cosmic super-wave of electro–magnetic energy. 

The end of life on earth.

The preparation for a new life phase coming out of the big black whole, the center of the Universe.

The last pages of the Prophecies of the Bible.

The cosmic sense of planetary life

Original article: S.W.Bok: ex-medical specialist and cancer-researcher
Translation by Dries van Gijsel, reporter of NML Belgium

Sometime ago cosmologists stated that there was coming an electro-magnetic wave.
It was said that this should cause lots of strange phenomena in nature.
This wave should have its peak around 2012 and was speculated to be an episode of temporary changes and even affect high tech instruments, but for mankind themselves of minor importance.

-Is it a coincidence that the Mayan calendar ends on 2012 as well?
-Is it a coincidence that December 24th, as it is known as being the fictive birthday of Jesus Christ?

If we read the Bible as being a bibliography of life on earth or as one huge process of origination, genesis or pregnancy, then the day of birth of Jesus Christ could be the date of birth of this huge pregnancy. Then it looks like one of the thousand comparisons of the Holy Truth concerning the cycle-wave of life. Then it is our incomprehensibility, which made this book to a magic religious document.
[See also the Dutch article : "The pregnancy of Mother Earth and its cosmic reason to insure eternal movement"].

This includes that the numbers of omens with all kind of catastrophes don't predict good news for our future. In looks like labor pains, which ends in a release of life.
Are this the contractions and Bibles storied like Revelations, about which I wrote previously?

This story about the Cosmic Super wave was spread into the world by a group of Belgian seekers of 'No more lies'; they bring news, which common reporter doesn't pay attention too.
It is like the Niburu.nl paper in the Netherlands, where I published recently many articles about our near future.
The article received the name:"Exponentiele zonnevlammen kan ons bewustzijn buiten ons lichaam doen treden".
The translators of this scientific article end with the cautious conclusion that all living creatures could become spiritual and that the world possibly could become a very peaceful place to live in.[Indian Daily News]
In my humble opinion and owing to my knowledge body and soul are one and every form of spirituality is a 'wishful thinking' in magic, which disappears from the moment one "knows".
As we read the bible in the context of a mother who becomes pregnant "genesis" of life under Her coverage, then peace should return for Her at the moment that She released (Revelation) this struggle for life.
This would perhaps be the realm of a period of peace and/or the predicted Paradise of 1000 years.

-Is it a coincidence that this publication came together with the description about aeonic waves of disease and controlled by - what I called – a cosmic heartbeat: an equal wave of electromagnetic energies as being a electrocardiogram?
-Is it a coincidence that an equal wave can be found in an electron at the end of its turn-around its nucleus? Scientists speak about a beat as well.
In this article about the cycle-wave of cultures, these cosmic waves of energy was related with the destruction of the dominating culture at that moment.[See articles about the cycle-waves of disease and cancer].
This is a returning phenomena, owing to which history repeat until the end of our days, like it was left once.
I am only a disciple of the Ancient Wisdom.
I became a disciple after my life long search of cancer and our suffering in general.
-It was a reversal in my life and this reversal started when I had re-discovered the origin of cancer.
-It was a re-discovery, because the image of this disease was already known thousands of years ago in its perfection.

This wisdom – let us as being "the doctrine of the 5-elements" – told us that 'Everything that exists' passes equal circles and that everything happens at the same time.[see Ohmy News International]
From that time my research was called: "looking" at everything what's named life and trying to bring in together in one cycle as "everything is so big so small".
I walked the cycle back, as where my scientific colleagues walked forward.
Owing to this I came a fraction earlier to the beginning that also represents the end of the circle.
It was a real RE-search, as everything was known already thousands of years ago.

My conclusions about the consequences of this super wave are in a complete contradiction with the scientific futures forecasts at the one hand and certainly to the idea of the writers as if we should end up temporary in some kind of peaceful paradise.

Nevertheless people who think "in some kind of transformation to a higher form of consciousness" are partly right.
-It is half of the truth and like telling half of the truth it is the lie.
-It is what we call a "wishful thinking".
-It is touching essences and this 'knowing' transforming into 'think to know' and/or its mirror image.
-It is the returning misleading, which is so very typical for each end of a culture cycle in with spiritual illusions reaches its peak before a general destruction.
One spoke about a transformation of consciousness, but nobody realizes that it is a consciousness from the first grade of consciousness [the purely "I am-Perception" or Egocentricity] to a fourth as being the dematerialized state. We live now in a consciousness of seeing blindness and hearing deafness at the end of our days, after which we should transformed to our cradle of being: the dust.
-It is all interpreted in mirror pictures, because thinking in the mirror of the old knowing.

First of all it is known that this raised electromagnetic radiation could bring people in some kind of trance-situation.
Electromagnetic energy is an energy coming from the Big Bang, which brought all material in movement and this energy decreases with time.
-This energy was eventually a balanced sinusoid wave and deformed slowly into an image that's identical to an electro cardiogram.
-This phenomena was extensively described in the Dutch book "The Holy Truth of the Bible ".
-This weird peak of electromagnetic energy is here already a long time.
-This wave of energy is here just as long as there's life on this planet and was called in Jesus stories "The fighting of material who does not know its equal".[The gospel of Maria Magdalena]
At time of the origination of life this wave was still minimal.
At that time it resulted in the fusion of hydry"gen", oxy"gen" and carbon.
It was the beginning of the water-phase on earth after a period of acid rain.
During time this fusion and/or recycling of cosmic dust in a fission-world grew every aeon and every ice-period as being a super-jump of evolution.
These aeonic waves taken place simultaneously with the disappearance of cultures and are identical to the recycling of those cultures at the end of their days.
These waves increased during time.
In other words: we are nothing more than recycling of comic dust and did once – about 360 million years ago - arise the water phase on our planet, where life evolved from it.
During time this episodically recycling became bigger and bigger and right now new stars and meteorites arise from that dust.

I will return at this subject again in the framework of "everything above and below is equal".

At this moment the electromagnetism of the earth itself is very low and according to scientifically measures lowers then ever.
This was certainly different in the ancient times and at about 6000 years ago one found not only the acupuncture-spots on the body, but also the ones of our Mother: Mother Earth.
That this represents the equal principal "everything that is" is mentioned abundant.
These acupuncture-spots and/or cross points of meridians of Ley-lines are places of raised electromagnetic irradiation.
It is again equal for the body and for earth.

On earth these acupuncture points are leading towards a special "natural phenomena".
On earth these were the sacrificial places of nature people.
At a later moment temples and churches arose on these spots of electromagnetic eruptions.
From ancient inheritance it was told that that these so called sacrificed places were places where you couldn't live.
It was like one were struck into some kind of trance and lost the spirit of life and/or the individual survival drift.
One lost their -so called- Ego.
It was like one was stepping out of his/her body and got contact with higher forces.
Those places were spots of meeting for ritual dances as preparations before a war. In this trance people lost their fear for death and could surrender himself totally for the war.
Later on there were build churches on those places to convert the "heathens" to religion and in particularly to convert them to Christianity.
Wasn't this the chosen spot to build churches?
A strange incident was that these places also enjoyed a sort of magical protection against calamities of nature as well as against human hand's violence!
Around these magical spots people gathered round and created the big cities during time.
This is one piece of the puzzle, whey one gives such a strange interpretation of increased spirituality to this cosmic super wave of electromagnetic energy.
But there is more!

Owing to the anthropological research concerning cultures one could determine that it weren't only a war, which resulted in disappearance after a phase of recycling.
It also seemed to come together with spontaneous fires: fires who seem to come out of nowhere.
This is another consequence of this cosmic super-wave of electro magnetic energy.
This super-wave is a recently found scientific issue, but it was present
is our technology, which should re-discover the truth about -among other - the step-wise evolution.
It was predicted to occur at the end of our days.
It is RE-searching like everything once was researched in its perfection.
This was left us as "Everything in the Universe is following an equal circles and everything happens at the same time".

Is our technological explosion, which forced us again to recycling as the ultimate attempt to survive again identical with something that happens above us?
For me this is a rhetorical question, because…
What is happening here, is happening above us in a huge process and this process is exactly equal and happens at the same moment.

We live already some period in the phase of this increasing electromagnetic energy and described as being the so-called Shumann-resonance.
This raised electromagnetic energy resulted already into unimaginable fires, which burned among others one third of the forests of Portugal.
It was as typical human attitude of enemy thinking to blame criminals, but many people has seen that these fires originated spontaneously.
It is the discharges of this electromagnetic energy that flared up the resin in trees.
Probably both are true, because also human attitude becomes more aggressive because of the super wave.
It is like the "heathens" of the old days prepared themselves for war.
History really repeats to the end of our days.
Didn't clairvoyants already predict that the whole Iberian Peninsula should turn into a desert?
But nobody realizes that we now we're living only the beginning of this energetic wave. Its maximum will be reached at the end of 2012.
That wave of cosmic energy shall multiply in the very near future, because all processes are logarithmically.
Will everything burn down in the near future?
Was this the predicted burning in Uranus?
It is part of my re-search that religion found its cradle in this Ancient Wisdom as well. All part of the ancient stories, which could not be interpreted properly or used for own survival, was interpreted as being magic? [See: Ohmy News International, The cradle of Faith]
That's the reason why acupuncture itself, astrology and many other useful knowing became scientifically explored.

It is not only nature, which suffers from this increased electromagnetism.
Also the influences on mankind are already visible nowadays
Can I give just an example?
Lots of young people these days who lost the intern control (going out of their mind) receive all kinds of resignations caused by this raising electromagnetic wave and this expresses itself in extreme parties, but also in progressive form of assault.
The first ones are no threat for governing groups. They are even stimulated, because it brings a lot of money in treasury and the second group is knocked down brutally.
The recent riots in Paris are a good example of the lost of control.
This "going out of their mind" are discharges of the "thinking brains".
But again: so above so below.
Also in the cosmos there are spontaneous discharges.
Weren't the mysterious crop circles by Russian investigators attributed to these cosmic energies?
Aren't those the mysteries of UFO's as well?
Even recently a meteorite was sawn in Australia as well.

It is all phenomena, which shall undergo extreme acceleration!
If you picture the electrocardiogram with the high peak and the deep valley at the end, it becomes more than clear how fast these changes will be.
In other articles and books I named this phenomenon the heartbeat of the cosmos.
It developed at the same time above us as the heartbeat of living specimen developed during the evolution on earth.
Isn't it unimaginable how ancient knowledge described this complex process on such a simple way by "all cycles are each others equal and everything happens at the same time"?
Even the Bible left us this acceleration of the events as "At the end of days everything shall occur with flowing acceleration".
This is also the reason why almost no one can believe that this transformation could be completed within 7 years, while "everything seems so well controlled and natural".
But there is much more that claims the attention.

Another phenomenon of this already presents electromagnetic wave is, that on this moment the spiritual groups shoot out of the ground like mushrooms.
All kinds of "resignations" and "trance"- experiences (certainly in the dominating culture: the West) are becoming a normal phenomenon.
People feel that and to strengthen those feeling lots of young people reach out to stimulation with all kind of drugs.
About this aspect I wrote among other things in Niburu.nl recently.
Wasn't this exactly the same in the old days?
But all these "spiritus-movements" with all sorts of so called inaugurations and therapies are defiantly Ego-reinforcing and like that the "supernatural" contacts, - like the Maya's and Eastern people once – are used for their own survival or personal interests.
One can see deep essences of life during such trips and transform it afterwards in "wishful thinking" and/or the feeling of having power concerning others.
During my medical research I confirmed it by opening the bridge between the left and right part of the brain, named corpus callosum.
That these spiritual groups stepping out in the world as it are strong Ego-power systems is many a man clear.
This wishful thinking is a very strong one.
Some groups even talk about "the healing of the earth" and others point out that…"if you won't convert, you are lost as human soul".
For them who feel loosing the control over there own thought, all those spiritual groups are "gefundenes Fressen".
Is there a difference with Faith in a God who became a "pill of hope" in endangered situations?[see the magic of faith].

Those who are slightly familiar with the source of Ancient Wisdom named as astrology know that these 12 animal-oar signs aren't just a 12 monthly earth interpretation of someone's character and life course.
It is part of a 12-numbered star sign, which influence life on earth completely.
Its like all living specimen which are born in spring-summer are gifted with a strong survival instinct or ego and them who are born in autumn-winter have a much weaker life spirit.
This spirit of life is strongly related to these cosmic electromagnetic energies that changes during a year.
For me it is clear that we fight -unconsciously of these energy waves - against the negative or life-threatening phases and in phases of "abundance" – to speak in Biblical terms – to expire in pride. Even this period of pride is related to this electrocardiogram.
In other worlds: By having knowledge concerning the influences of electromagnetic energy during such an aeon on can predict the future beforehand.
This was called "The pride before the fall" and again marked every end of a culture as well.
But having knowledge of this energy one can also use it as being a "weapon" to influence people as well. One says that this is already used in many occasions.

People with knowledge about this Ancient Wisdom know also that every cosmic cycle is a cycle of 12 times ± 2000 years and are energetic similar with our cycle of summer and winter.
We do celebrate an exploding party with New Year but this happens cosmically the same way.
Scientists name this phenomenon an evolutionary jump, like it's suddenly there and just like that!
The underlying reason was and still is not resolved.
But it's all part of cycle-waves.
It is all earthly expressions of these cosmic electromagnetic waves, which arisen owing to recycling of cosmic dust of the metabolism of stars.
Owing to our "thinking", we already created such a great distance from nature and all these energy waves that we don't or barely feel these changes anymore. We don't feel it, but still we act on it.
-This means that those negative changes in that cycle happen for us like it is our destiny and positive changes are directly ascribed owing to our own intelligence.
-This is the result of our evolution of thinking, which finally resulted in living completely in our own ego-world and no more.
-This process was also predicted as living in the first grade of consciousness.
It is the Bible's saying of seeing blindness and hearing deafness at the end of our days.
Because of this attitude we should become wise by falling and erecting only and so re-discover this old knowledge.
Each aeon is such a leap of evolution, but each aeon this is more distinct.
But each year is also such a leap.
Even each day-night cycle is a very small evolution-leap.
We just don't feel it anymore.
With the evolution leap of a year we can still see this with our own eyes e.g. at the growing speed of a tree. Leading to year-rings .
But we don't feel this at all.
We don't realize at all that these small evolution leaps are a true reflection of this cosmic "year cycle" of about 24000 years in which -like on earth - 7 grease months and 5 skinny months are present.
How can we even imagine that there are more of such systems which all are controlled by even greater cycles as well?
Isn't it unbelievable that one found this whole watch of cosmic cycles only by watching?
But there's one thing we already know for certain.
Every ± 24000 years - as being a "star year" – there are much greater cycles.
Every zodiac itself represents one second of this cosmic watch.
It is the second hand of the cosmic watch.
At the moment that monks mapped this clock by only "see and astonish" or "watch" it was about 6000 years ago.
At that moment these people knew that mankind had only 3 "seconds" and/or three zodiacs to live. [See the book: Christianity, a perfect crime passionnelle]
It cannot be coincidence that the rapport of Rome spoke about this and the very religious Portugal as popular wisdom says "life is only three days".
It is all ordinary sayings, which found its cradle in this Ancient Wisdom.
Our language and every language are full of it.

Perhaps we are becoming afraid now about all effects of these cosmic influences, but this returning process is already going on for thousands of years.
Secondly without these strange influences we never had explored our thinking mind so extensively.
This process is in the meantime - like everything – in evolution and/or is growing like our cultures grew in size and in ways of artificial electromagnetic energy production.
This was also the reason why people of the old days only through "watching" could map the cosmic clock or watch.

Our thinking mind is a process of controlling the outside word.
It is a process of domination.
During time we learned to dominate people completely.
Popular propaganda and advertisement is just one little example of how we are controlling of our outside world.
Owing to this increased electromagnetic energy one will loose this control and owing to that the step to fights is a very small one. It is the fear for loosing control and this is our worldwide problem extensively.

And not only the outside world, but on many sectors it is visible how individual thinking is losing the mathematical control.
Why do you think that we developed a computer: a machine who thinks for us!
I can imagine very well that few of us realize this, but it is indeed reality!
This all means the electromagnetic wave that is coming right now will influence us more then one zodiac ago and much more comparing to 10000 years ago when our survival force thinking began to evolve.
Before that time all specimen on earth were completely adapted to these waves an increased and diminished owing to these cosmic changes completely.
Our thinking was a fight against the negative aspects of this wave, as I told before.
Owing to this 'Ancient Knowing' suffering of illness and wars was predicted to increase during time tremendously.
If it comes to this subject we only know a fraction of which was known in the past.

Strange enough we experience our evolution of thinking as being something very special and even our development of straight lined thinking, which occurred only about 2000 years ago.
But if we realize that we were seeing the earth as flat after the evolution to analytical thinking, then we have to ask ourselves some serious questions!
If we also remember that suffering – in spite of all our doctoring – is taking more extremely forms, we even should ask ourselves where we should be proud.
Everything what mankind discovered of technological supports was only to counteract the negative aspects of thinking and nothing more.
Wasn't it said that thinking was creating enemies?
Strange enough we never asked ourselves why we were acting in such a strange way.
And even now the real meaning or sense of life was and remains for many of us an unanswered question.

During this process of evolution of thinking we fought progressive against the increasing negative phases of these so-called cosmic energy waves.
First of all this leaded to survival of mankind.
But we also protected nature with these fights.
In my humble opinion we did this during many zodiacs and we are now at the eve of something that in earlier times have leaded to a new ice age.
-In other words: we repressed this ice-age and are now looking at a fast growing earth temperature.[see ww.geocities.com/genenboek]
-In other words: we live at the eve of the turning point of such a zodiac-year as being a greater evolutionary jump.
Secondly this evolutionary jump falls together with much greater one.
-In other words: we live in a special moment of the anciently constructed cosmic watch. We live at the eve that all hands of the watch stay at twelve o'clock. We stay at the eve of the cosmic New Year and or at the braking point of the Big Bang and big Crunch. We stay at the braking point of the delivery of a new cycle of life coming out the other part of the cosmos. Speaking in a comparison we live in the time where the Big Ben in the heart in London exactly hits 12 o clock and puts us back into the year 'Zero' of the Mayan calendar.
There we stay.

But let's go back to the nowadays moment and the day of tomorrow.
The electromagnetic wave will evolve much more pronounced wave then scientists suggest.
It's not for nothing that the "lunges" of the earth [the Amazon] are fading and that the "blood circulation" of Mother Earth [the cold and warm Gulf Stream] is collapsing as being one of the early symptoms of our death.
It probably wouldn't be directly an inversion of the earth axis, but first of all a correction.
It is a correction because this axis of earth was demurred during a long time.
It was demurred during a long time by life itself.
This is also why cultures move with time from East to West.
The correction of its axis alone will be sufficient to create a tsunami like never before. I don't believe that we are not witnessing this "Noah phase". Before this happens there will break out a war –just like what happened in the past. It is the ultimate fight to survive and also this war will be the biggest ever.
-This will be the predicted war between the "power of nothing" and the "Power of something"(wealth to lose).
-This is the Biblical described as being the last and Holy war between East and West.
It is inevitable that this war will be fought on a very nuclear way, because it is a fight on life and death.
Secondly catastrophes of nature will increase extremely and caused by the re-heating of the earth owing to the human plague.
It is inevitable that this nuclear power also will destroy plants- and animal-life as well.
In other words:
Mankind's artificial electro-magnetic energy -as being identical to the cosmic energy that once did move our expanding part- will be released as well.
This energy shall cooperate to reload the strongly decreased electro-magnetism of earth temporarily and stops its fallback on the sun.
Thirdly the earthly atmosphere will become thinner, as being another result of this electromagnetic wave.
Owing to that earth becomes an open field for meteorites impacts.
About the origin of these meteorites I will return later.
This happened certainly also in one of the earlier times and resulted then in the acute disappearance of the dinosaurs.
But now this process is bigger then before.
This new wave of energy form recycled dust of the Milky Way will take life and perhaps even evaporate water of our seas directly into the cosmos.
This also happened already during the preceding Genesis-days as well as during the previous Zodiacs, owing to which even more land rose out of the sea.
Perhaps there are still people who believe this could be possible, but nevertheless most of them believe seriously that this loss of life will be temporarily just like before.
I fear that there are only a few people who realize this is impossible.
It is impossible, because we really reached the ceiling of our abilities with our domination and we even created the source of cosmic movements and/or the core of energy [nuclear energy] in order to…
First of all for our own survival, but secondly to save nature and thirdly to prevent the earth for a fall back on the sun.
But let me continue.

The rotation of the earth around the sun is speaking in terms of nature laws- very special.
All cycles in the universe are elliptic ones, with an exception of planets like the earth. It is a balanced situation, but –like a balance in a balance- a very unstable one. Even the smallest imbalance can have tremendous results. How this balance is kept in equilibrium will be explained later.

During the time that the earth was savage and empty, her energy was many times higher and the orbit around the sun still was elliptic.
Even the path-way of the earth after his birth out of the sun was in the Sanskrit-time [a true 'sans écrire' time or a time without writing] known and let us in a symbol.[see at Niburu.nl symbols of life].
It is a symbol we mastered as a symbol in music: the G-key.
Even the period of life during this typical circle-wave around the sun was known in all its perfection.
The symbol for the left hand of the piano was once the symbol of the life cycle on earth itself. For authorities in music the two points above the opposite C was the exit of life before the fall back on the sun.
It was the predicted Uranus-fire or hellfire in the Bible.

Isn't it amazing, that one can re-find the truth by researching the Ancient Knowledge about the circle of life, from which some of it is written down in simple symbols as well as the simple symbol of 5 elements.
It is unbelievable, but true.
It is as hard as looking forward and the huge discoveries of the nowadays research only confirmed my previous conclusions.
What I did do was walking the circle back in stead of forwards.
Eventually the beginning and the end of this circle of life is the same. Everything was known till perfection, but was forgotten owing to our selfish thinking. It is even worse because thinking is knowledge and/or the edge of knowing. Owing to that scientists still think that this wave of cosmic electromagnetic energy is a temporary one and of minor influence of mankind. One named this "wishful thinking" as being the mirror of knowing.

This "unnatural" cycle of the earth is in first place kept going by life .
We call this the life-magnetism, because all specimens are cursed with electromagnetism itself.
During evolution this life-magnetism increased in the sophisticated specimens and this was exactly balanced with the decreasing electromagnetism of earth itself.
In other words: because of the electromagnetic energy of the earth is decreasing, life with its own life-magnetism became more "fiery" and held earth in a perfect circle-wave around the sun.
Isn't it the Perfection of "God" or "Allah" or "AL" and once named KI?
It became from cold-to warm-blooded and finally to "hot-headed" creatures.
The last in this evolving process was mankind.
His "hot-headed" being made besides this life metabolism also artificial electromagnetic energy. He became able to control fire and finally the origin of light and received the name of Lucifer.[luz y fire]
If mankind never existed earth was already fallen back onto the sun.
If I use the full potential of my "degenerated mathematical brain" the whole evolution cycle has stretched out the life cycle of Mother Earth for about 24000 years from this the human share is –inclusive the 1000 year realm of peace- about 7000 year and/or global 33%.
That is why we are named in Bibles as being Lucifer and/or Gods right hand It's because we increased the general life-span of our planet and every specimens as well.

Right now we can look at a nature which suffers owing to human's domination as well as a human plague, but we the one's who kept this collective life alive during long time.
Even the human plague was one of the conditions to counteract the decreasing electromagnetism of Mother Earth.
This also means that if these extra forces will disappear a fall back on the sun is inevitable.
For them who like to calculate and kept their selves busy in the Maya-prophecies with the story of the 12 and 13 "baktums" will see that we are right now grown exactly till "baktum" 13. It is an increase of a cycle around the sun from 48 to 52 weeks.
I feel sorry for the length of this story, but it is many small facts that give the insight about the very special period in which we live. It is the moment of revelation in all meanings of the word.
In the mean time I try to explain that this process of "delivery" was known already from A to Z in the Ancient Times and long before the Mayas did make their calendar.
Finally I can tell that faith was introduced by these highly scientific people in order to give a helping hand [a "Pill of Hope"] to go on to the bitter end.

May I offer you a break and tell you about the shift of the Greenwich-time as it was a small publication in NML.be ?
Time set.
In the newspaper "Het Volk"[Belgium] was made a fairly cold announcement on 10-11-05 that our clock had to be adapted because the speed of circulation of the earth around the sun was slowed down.
It is a shame that this phenomenon didn't receive any deeper attention, because it was something very special and not just a computer calculation. First of all the [almost] orbit around the sun is psychically seen a very strange phenomenon. When evolution of life began the speed around the sun was 48 weeks and/or exactly 12 moon cycles of 28 days.
At all probability this rotation was then still an elliptic one.
This lengthening of the year from 48 to 52 weeks was and still is caused by the life under the atmospheric coverage of Mother Earth.
Even Stronger!
It is life with his life magnetism that prohibited a back fall from the earth on the sun. This life magnetism was growing through time from one cellular organisms to cold blooded and after that warm-blooded organisms.
It was a constant increase of life magnetism to stabilize the electromagnetic energy from the earth.
Finally man created artificial electromagnetic energy.
It is the fight of "matter" against the slowly decreasing electromagnetism of the earth itself as being a remainder of the Big Bang of billions of years ago.
Even more special is to know why the cultures move "aeonic" from East to West in order to keep the earth exactly in balance according to the changed position in our solar system.
Now we look at nature, which suffers owing to our technological revolution
We look at the lunges of the earth [the Amazon-area] and the blood-circulation [the Gulf Stream] that are in danger, but without our interference it was already happened earlier.
Also this is worthwhile to pay attention too.
Finally it is worthwhile to mention that this delay of the earth around the sun also changed the date of the new year- option with that shift of the cultures.
-It are all cosmic processes, which I described elsewhere in comparison which cancer as "the cancer process of our expanding part of our Universe" in order to prolong life.
-It is part of "every cycle who are universally equal and where everything happens at the same time".
-It is the global cancerous society, which started at this moment with its last phase: the phase of exhaustion.
-It is part of the human plague as a tumor in nature, which let life hang on a very thin fragile wire.

And still there is one essential question to answer: "What is the essence of this absurd process" and/or "what is the sense of life at the end of expansion of the fission-world".

In the proceeding part I briefly explained the development of this cosmic wave of electromagnetic energy as being identical to the evolution of the heart beat in the 6 Genesis-days.
In other words: our heartbeat is a true copy of what happens in cosmos.
But in the mean time this process, which is similar with our recycling of waste and also what origins in cancer.
In cosmos it is recycling of waste of the star-metabolism, which is know as Milky Way and where new stars are born and life on planets begun.
Owing to this episodically recycling the electromagnetic energy in the cosmos is increasing again temporarily.
Isn't this exactly the same as we do by expanding life through recycling?
The new formation of stars has been proven now astronomical and those stars are burning again. This is the nowadays release of electromagnetic energy.
Secondly it is an explanation of the fast increasing CO2 in the atmosphere as well as the increased temperature known as "global warming".
Is there any difference with the disappearance of the dinosaur?
That such stars, asteroids or meteorites can damage life again seems very acceptable to me.
This enormous electromagnetic wave of cosmic energy together with the large amount of nuclear energy by mankind will reload earth again.
This energy is again sufficient to prevent a fall back on the sun. Unfortunately, for me mankind is nothing more then fused matter and just a tiny link in the cosmic game.
It's becoming more evident that life was present on other planets; life that developed exactly equal to ours. The recent discovery of water on Mars proved it.
This life disappeared already in earlier days at the same way and also reloaded this planet temporary with artificial nuclear energy.
That these planets still circle around the sun is only because the much larger distance to the sun.
The story from for example Von Dänicken about earlier life that has visited this planet is no science fiction to me anymore. This also should indicate that this happened "recently" as well.
That cosmos with his many solar constellations is full of life, who all are in the last phase of this expanding part, are beginning to explore Universe as well is for my without doubt.

Very briefly I described how these cosmic energy waves are related to the last phase of each aeon.
In other words: after such a peak there certainly will be a low "tide" as well. This lowest point of cosmic electromagnetic energy will be half star time later.
But at that very moment there will be no more life with magnetic energy and even no mankind to counteract this dip. In my opinion this is the moment that first of all the moon fall back on earth and afterwards this complex will fall back on the sun.
This is the beginning of the domino effect that logarithmic accelerated will fall the whole expanding part of this part of the universe.
It's like the film of this expanding part is turned back in a very fast tempo.
And speaking in terms of Stephen Hawking this Big Crunch will coincide with a Big Bang in the other part and/or the largest black hole in the cosmos.
It is with that the birth of a totally new constellation and a disappearance of this part in a new black hole.

Once it was told that every cycle in our Universe are equal ones, because everything was born out of everything.
Twenty years of my life I gave all my energy to the "live-elixir" for the mammal 'human': the placenta-enzyme hyaluronidase.
One of the fields of research was the process of pregnancy.
Finally I re-found the cycle-waves of the suffering of diseases and wars.
I re-found it as one let us that thinking was a temporary fallacy, which made that history should repeat until the end of our days.
Ten years of my life I gave all my energy to the life elixir for cosmic movement: the electromagnetic energy coming from a Big Bang of billions of years ago.
Since then maybe even hundreds of equal cycles have been found.
Now I can easily state that the Ancient the truth and no more than the truth. Of course it leaded to great skeptic worldwide.
We believe only what we have proven through science, named "re"search.
We only believe what we can see with our very own eyes.
Only then it is an undisputed fact, but we forget that everything is in movement and is changing constantly.
That is also the reason why we are always running after the facts.
Especially when it is something that's scares us to death -"death itself".
Then we criticize it directly with " first seeing then believing".

But isn't this the typical mistake of the human thinking owing to which we always act when the calf is drown?
It is our wishful thinking that life is eternal, as this was let us by Ancient wisdom as well.
Unfortunately for these ancient scientists the definition of life was movement of matter and/or their know-how of the Universe. Their view of life on earth was said to the ultimate effort of the extending part of the Universe to survive and in which mankind was the Crown of this fight only.
Isn't their the saying: "Thinking is standing still to solve the problem".
Thinking is related to emotion and emotion is out of motion and/of the death itself.
This emotion is coloured by positive and negative tension and/or the experience of good and bad. It was found by medical research that this energy was the cradle of genetic malformation, owing to which we felt into suffering. [Dutch book: "In the spell of the genes" ]
During many years of searching and portraying an image of the universe itself, I was struggling with two possibilities.

First of all I was influenced by the ancient symbol of a lemniscate of life and tried to fit it in "Everything in our Universe are equal cycles of life".
My question was: " Where is lying the shrinking part of our Universe?
Does it lie within the expanding part or is this a greater power outside this part?
In one of my books about the origin of the heartbeat of the cosmos [" The scientific value of the Bible" with its subtitle "The pregnancy of Mother Earth" I described both parts as separate celebrities, however I still suggested with it whether this was right or wrong.
Now -some years later- I can say with great certainty that our Universe is like the "uterus" in which the uterus wall is the expanding part of the Universe. The inner part is the super black hole where new life develops and where - after a pregnancy-period of billions of years - it will be delivered by a true revelation: named Big Bang.

Recently scientific discoveries concerning our Universe gave me the helping hand. They reached me the key, however one found also that this part is still in expansion.
The scientific conclusion was made that the suggestion of Stephen Hawking that a big Crunch was nearby was still a wrong one.
But I certainly can not share this opinion.
The "shrinking part" and/or the huge black hole of the Universe is - like a baby in the uterus- still growing. It is like a balloon that nearly bursts..
Owing to this it looks like a vital expansion and the recently found new stars in the Milky Way were said to be another prove of that.
But it is like our recycling in our cancerous society still looks healthy, but is with its metastases [invading Iraq and Afghanistan and its decreasing economy] at the phase of exhaustion.

Again it is our wishful thinking that made these illusionary conclusions.
It is the recycling of dust of the metabolism of stars, like we started recycling each end of a culture to lengthen our life.
It falls together with this cosmic process of recycling a consequence of our fights against the negative waves of the cosmic electro-magnetic energy and/or our progressive thinking or standing still by our self-created problem.
It falls together with an epidemic of cancer as being part of our aeonic cycle of suffering: a bacterial epidemic [known as the flu] > multiple organ diseases > arteriosclerosis > cancer > AIDS [viral infections] > finally a self-destructive war.
It's like cancer an ultimate attempt to prolong life.

-Of course your question arises how this progressive process of recycling of dust could origin in cosmos.
-Of course you should ask why this cosmic process is a repetitive one.
Again it is easier to speak about as we are now the capability to penetrate into the Universe with the technology.
We even were able to get a true picture of the Milky Way itself.
It was found to be a spiral shaped trail that seems to arise from the center of the Universe.
We know for a long time that this part of the Universe is warmer then the decreasing part. Besides we know that a bomb-explosion creates a kind of vacuum in the center of it.
What is the Big Bang even more that a huge nuclear explosion?
Then this Black Hole in the center of the Universe works like a turbulent vortex and/or vacuum cleaner for the dust of star-metabolism.
The stars themselves are too powerful to be sucked up, but dust is missing this energy.
At the moment that vacuum cleaner slowly becomes full of dust it becomes less strong and meanwhile the electromagnetic force of the stars is decreasing also, however they are still burning and creating dust.
Finally there is coming a moment that the stars will suffocate in there own dust.

Wasn't it said by the Mayan description that we should pass the Milky Way at the end of our days?
Owing to his suffocation of dust friction between stars and dust will create heat and reload dust again.
Did you ever experience with a dirty vacuum cleaner? You finally can blow up the motor, but beforehand dust will burn in minor proportions, which leads to a seemingly better functioning.
-This is the origin of recycling at the end of the expansion.
-This is the prolongation of live in this part of the Universe.
-This implies also that new life, which is coming out the huge Black Hole of our Universe, is born out of dust again.
-Isn't it - speaking in comparison - exactly the same process as how a pregnancy grows in the uterus owing to a feeding from outside?
-Isn't it unbelievable that this was known already thousands of years ago?

Finally I come to the last question that I put down previously.
-What is the reason or sense of life itself?
-What is the reason of this recycling of dust, resulting in life on planets?
-What is the reason that we had to grow from 12 to 13 baktums and/or prolong cosmic expansion with about 8 percentages?
Owing to my medical research it became clear that pregnancy increases vitality with about 8 % as well. One even can simulate it by injecting embryonic cells [Cytobiology Revue 1981]
-Is it a coincidence that women lived about 8 % longer than man?
-Is it a coincidence that man and women grew to equality?
-Wasn't it predicted that we should grow to equality?
-Wasn't it let us that "All there is in the Universe" could be divided in yin [feminine and yang masculine]?
-Wasn't it let us that All cycles in the Universe are equal ones, which turn around each other Uni and Versum?
On earth women grew to masculinisation.
This was found in medical research to be caused by women's denying to eat the placenta.
-Is it a coincidence that placenta in the Latin language means I please?
Was this deny let us by "Falling out of Paradise" and induced discomfort or suffering? [See: article]
Then in our expanding Universe the opposite occurred and in there it was a growth equality of yin and/or an equality of the fusion-world.
Owing to my long-lasting studies concerning pregnancy I only can say that it resemble our process of Genesis of life on earth in all its aspects.
-Is it a coincidence that our pregnancy cycle of 36 weeks is the exact period of a genesis cycle of Mother Earth of about 360 million years and that this results in an increased vitality of about 8 % as well?
-Is it a coincidence that delivery starts when the unborn baby starts his own metabolism and that man- as being Lucifer - started with his artificial warmth production.
Isn't this an equal process?
All together there are hundreds of coincidences that point out that the energetic differences between Yin and Yang are leveled.
In terms of the energy of low tide and high tide we can speak of dead tide in the Universe, which very soon will lead to a complete inversion.
On earth this leads again to an opposite picture.
In here it leads to increased tensions and nothing more. It is not only the tensions between man and woman, but also to increasing tension between the East [yin] and the West [yang].

What happen above us is nothing more then our never-ending fight to survive.
The stories of Jesus in the gospel of Maria Magdalena as if that the desire of material to survive doesn't know his equal, is in my insight certainly not applied to the materialistic man alone. It's a story about the cosmic process of recycling in order to survive.

-It is the human thinking that always makes mirrored conclusions out of data as being the mirror and/or returning of the deep knowing.
-It is also again of the thousand inheritance of the Ancient Wisdom that knew that we only should re-find the Truth by falling and erecting again.
-It finally was time itself, which made clear that this Ancient Wisdom was unfortunately right.
Of course it is for me unfortunately as well.
How much I even wanted to fill this in a more positive way for human criteria, to me it is certain that the Ancient Wisdom was hundred percent correct with her inherited vision: "The end of times shall be there at the moment when we evolved into a world-society".

The meaning of planetary life was more then a component of a process in the expanding parts of the cosmos that's called: a leveling of the energetic difference of about 8 percent and/or 1 baktum in disadvantage of this fission world.

It is the difference between yin and yang, which had to be leveled.

Owing to this leveling the never ending moving of the Universe was guaranteed.

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