donderdag 20 januari 2011

The Atlantis Convention, History and hystery

Ladies and 'gentle'-man.
I feel sorry for this discrimination, but…
Without differences life is really impossible.
It looks like discrimination of women and this was also my intention to wake you up.
Oh my Goodness!
How difficult it is to speak about the madness of fighting for equal rights between men en women.
By the way : Do you know why people discriminate?
It is because of weakness only.
During the whole evolution men were weaker than women in all specimen.
Owing to this simple reason women always dictated men without using violence.
Violence is - like discrimination - also an expression of weakness.
For men 'being gentle to women' was the only choice to survive and so his name is 'gentle'men.
I know! The eyes see it oppositely, but this is because of "thinking".
I promise you, that this unity of mankind will be discussed extensively.
My honorable friend coming from the 'door between east and west' - named Porta Na Gallicia- , used to say about women : "Women are "bicho hommes" and/or man's beasts.
But let me first go on with introducing myself.

I once was a seminary man and gave my previous life to a search for the semen of life.
I just waked up from a long, long sleep.
It was like my body was frozen during…
Isn't it strange that time don't exist during ones sleep?
For me it felt a second, but looking around after opening my eyes again it has to be a long, long time.
The world changed completely.
Nevertheless I feel as back at home.

It looks exactly what my scientific colleagues and I discussed during the Atlantis convention once.
Did you hear about this conference?
In someone's memories it is still present, however time materialized it to a huge civilization. This is also an expression of thinking only.

Can you imagine that I wasn't afraid at all to erect myself again and stepped in this materialized world like it is mine?
Before I start telling you about the past, nowadays and the future, I have to tell you a small secret.
Your Atlantis never existed.
You only materialized the Atlantis Convention of Ancient Scientists.

It was a conference about the cycle-waves of history.
Speaking in terms of our solar calendar it was Aquarius 3 and hysteria of the world-society forced us to this meeting. Hysteria of mankind was found to be the latest expression of such a wave.
At that time my colleagues and I were convinced that this was narrowly related with mankind's thinking, because in nature such craziness don't exist.
This was the final conclusion of them - we were in this conference with 12 scientists only - who gave their life's for searching the truth behind our naked and vulnerable being.
It was a world conference and organized by my Mayan friend Chaputti.
Chaputti was the highest "connoisseur" about the dance of stars.
He really was a star about this subject, however he was totally unworldly.
During about his whole life he lived at night and slept at daytime, because…
Did you ever see a star at daytime?

It was a conference of 12 different disciplines of science only, because at that time we realized that a specialist himself never can have a broad view.
One only is his own specialty and no more.
Let me tell you a nice story of Chaputti first.
So Chaputti only was the mental materialization of his own specialty.
Even when he was eating his meal, he directly related his food with the energetic influences of the - what we call - zodiacs. Don't ask me why we choose that word, but for me it is the influence of Chaputti who frequently exclaims : "so it acts" in cosmos, gentlemen!
It always was a pleasure to offer him an ice-cream for his dessert, because…
Ah, we all knew what should happen.
Than he was dancing around like a child and told us a story that we heard already thousands times.
He might stand up with the ice-cream in his hands and yelled…
"Do you know my big friends?"
This is the beginning of life under the coat of our Mother Planet.
This, my friends, is the semen of life.
This, my friends, brought us to live in a seminary to look for the truth of our naked and vulnerable being, in order to escape women's mental dictatorship only.

The spectacle that Chaputti made out of this dessert was so big that we really forgot that we lived life in the desert in relation to the pleasure and happiness of everybody else.
During this last conference and primarily named "Al-land-is" Conference - because scientists from all continents were present - the dessert was ice again.
And that time there was a special reason for this dessert.
It was because we all knew that a new ice-period should come again.
We knew that most of life should disappear after a turbulent Hellfire, earth quacks and volcanic eruptions after which ice should preserve 'semen' in ice for a new cycle of life.
It was because of this deep know-how of all presents that this seminar was organized.
The goal of this conference was simple.
On which way we should inform mankind about this threatening future and diminish the hysteric reaction.
It was our deep knowing that history should repeat and that life wasn't for De Nada however it looks so senseless at such periods.

Whenever you think that it was a very serious conference, you are completely wrong.
It was a very enjoyable companionship where the laugh prevailed the tear.
Perhaps this is confusing for you, but knowing that the cosmos dominates life and not visa versa; all efforts of mankind's thinking to search for survival is the laugh itself.
So we finished the meal again with ice-cream and…
Of course we were all waiting for the act of Chaputti, but before he stood up our lunar specialist Luaki told us how the moon is influencing life in cycle-waves, which are exactly comparable with Chaputti's cosmological wisdom.
Directly after his speech our honoured expert on evolution and history Mr. Chronicle stand up and blamed Luaki and Chaputti by their searching in the night and sleeping in daytime.

"Look" - he started his speech - "We all know that all cycles in the universe are equal.
So what are you searching in the darkness, which you also can see in daytime."
Aren't we here together to discuss how we can inform mankind that "hysteria of doing" will go on to the bitter end.
The very interesting scientific backgrounds were already discussed extensively during previous meetings.
Of course it is a big laugh knowing the truth about our existence.
Of course it is a big laugh as well knowing the origin and suffers of mankind's unique being in order to fulfill a cosmic task.
Manipulated we ourselves in a privileged, but also very dangerous situation by knowing the truth behind it?
I am absolutely sure that whenever people should know, they never should find the power to go on with this ungrateful task.
Let we look at ourselves!
Who of you will go into the world and join people in their hysteric doings?
Isn't it better to bury all wisdom and burn all manuscripts?

"Objection my honour!"
It was our Chinese colleague I Thing who worked out the theory of the 5 elements, who brought us back to reality.
You know with me that we never should have found this wisdom, without the help of everybody around us. Whenever there was no hysteria of suffering illness and wars every Zodiac, we never even thought about searching for it.
In the mean time people adore our being and ask us for advise and guidance in their periods of cosmic "depression".

At the end of this Atlantis Convention we made decisions about how to inform mankind as good as possible for the last Zodiac Year of life on this planet.
Now I inform you as good as possible how we manipulated you during that period of about 24000 years, because…
However the lie is very fast, finally the truth shall overtake him.

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  1. Siegfried
    Zou het ooit aanwezig geweest zijn bij "the Allantis convention" een reden kunnen zijn dat iemand nog nooit Engel(en)s heeft gestudeerd maar 'de taal'wel kan lezen en spreken dus communiceerd in de taal der engelen..................!!????

  2. Fons,
    I really don't know what you ar asking.

  3. Sorry Siegfried,
    This question came up my mind when I read the proposal of 'Trix van Oranje'om bij de ophanden zijnde 'Atlantis Convention 'binnenkort met zoveel mogelijk 'leden' aanwezig te zijn.
    Daar ik nog steeds zoekende ben naar een reden waarom ik dat 'vervelende eindtijdverhaal'ondanks alle mislukkingen toch 'geloof'en aan een ieder probeer te slijten(tegen beter weten in) bekroop mij the weard idea dat ook ik misschien wel eens aanwezig ben geweest op zo een bijéénkomst in een 'vorig leven'...dat zou dan ook gelijk een reden kunnen zijn voor de vele keren dat ik Engels denk praat en schrijf op de meest onvoorspelbare tijdstippen zonder ooit een heavy English study te hebben genoten...Maar eerlijk is eerlijk ik droom wel vaker raar....sorry ?!
    Kortom "an ultimate question in a mindbreaking problem.!!

  4. Haha Fons,
    Atlantis is gone and/or is became a testament.
    And you couldn't be there, because you come from a feminin line. And women were absolutely forbidden at that time.
    I only write these storied now for the last meeting, organized by Confissius and from which the Koran told us that the audience should be extremely low in amount.

  5. Het geschreven spiegelbeeld is helder.... bedankt....hoewel.. omkering toch ook een endtimesfenomenon is ha ha !


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