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The David Wilcock Syndrome


This is absolutely not a personal attack to David Wilcock.
I know David as being a super intelligent charismatic indigo child, which is made to a pawn of the New Age Movement in order to increase the power of this spiritual power/flower/love movement. This movement, which has millions of disciples all over the world even claim to reach the 4-th dimension of consciousness: awareness
It is an explication how and why this movement is a predictable one.
It is an explication about our world-society from which the saying states: It is a cancerous one.
Both is a signal of the end of each culture and equal to the mirror side of this cancerous world society from which one says “The lie is governing”.
In other words: It is part of a cycle from which the Ancient Wisdom let us “All cycles of the Universe - from the biggest to the smallest – are equal ones and all happens at the same time”.
It is a so called spirit of times and a sequel to “The Sexual Revolution”.
It is one of the final aspects of the cancerous society, which strange enough synchronizes with an epidemically increase of cancer-occurrence.
Finally this cyclic phenomenon was found to be also narrowly related to Zodiacs and/or the cyclic waves of cosmic electromagnetic energy.

Now we live in a world society and it is absolutely no coincidence that Christianity let us its symbol of “the cross of death” and/or that the Mayan calendar ends in December 2012.
It is uncontrollable cosmic forces that not only induce global warming, but also influence our mentality.
And because illness was found to be primarily a mental disorder and secondly a physical one, it became obvious that all these individual cycles are narrowly related and/or linked with each other.
This article is even not an attack against this spiritual movement as it is part of the predictions that history repeats to the end of our days.
Looking at it on this way, it is a complete normal development.
The only reason why I write this article is a try to awaken people who are joining either the black side or the white side of our nowadays mentality, because the real Truth is in the middle.

A brief history of my previous investigations.
I was a medical specialist and cancer- and illness-researcher in the Netherlands.
I started as a conventional surgeon and changed into the alternative circuit later on.
Both complete different insides together made it possible to find the origin of the threatening disease cancer.
And finding the clue with the use of electro-acupuncture I realized that I did not found anything new, but only RE-found something what was mentioned as the cycle of reverse or RE-cycling.
It was found that recycling of internal metabolic waste was the essence of the occurrence of cancer and an article for Medical Hypotheses named “Cancer, a natural reactive mechanism in order to survive” was in the eyes of my friend and colleague David Horrobin too controversially to publish.
But …
-All cycles are equal ones?
-Cancer, a reactive mechanism in order to survive?
-Recycling of waste in our society in order to survive?
-Born out of dust of the Milky Way and/or recycled material of star-metabolism?
Was it all coincidence?

Finding these resemblances I stopped medicine some years later and started to try to look in all cycles, which I could see with my naked eye.
During about a decade I found so much equal cycles that there was no other conclusion left then … This ancient doctrine of the “pentagram of life” was 100 % correct.
From that time I knew for sure that we lived in the end of evolution, however nobody believed one word of my doom-scenario. It was 1990 and there were no evidences for this thread at all.
Owing to this general neglecting of my fellowmen, I left society and became a modern monk.
And at the moment that the first threatening signals were brought into the world [2002] I started to bring this ancient knowhow – packed in hundreds semi-scientific articles and books – into the world.
And strange enough it all was neglected completely.
Aren’t we all searching to find the real Truth?

The origin of spirituality in relation to the cycle of reverse or cancer.
The whole play of cosmic cycles is a play between matter and energy.
The whole play of matter is a play of yin and yang which behave uni and versum.
The whole play of yin and yang is a dance between two differently energetically loaded matter, with a difference of about 8 % or translated in Mayan terms one baktun.
One can see it easily, because women lived generally 8 % longer than man.
But wasn’t it not predicted that we should grow to an equality of yin and yang at the end of our days?
Aren’t we?
Is it a coincidence that the general aging of men and women now equalizes also?
What was the deeper meaning of this Prophecy?

As recycling is a prolongation of life itself or in cultures – which were found stated recycling at the end of their culture – this same process takes place now in the Universe as well.
There was no other possibility left than the conclusion that this was the key of eternal life of the cosmic movement. [let us by the Da Vinci Code or Golden Grail of Eternity.]
There was no other possibility left than the conclusion that this all was known in its perfection about 6000 years ago.
There was no other possibility left than the conclusion that every zodiac the yin electro-magnetic energy was increasing owing to which spirituality or anciently “the magic power of something indefinite”, which is stronger than us and rules over us.

Isn’t yin related to dedication, devotion and acceptance or… an attitude of real love?
Is their any difference in David Wilcock’s last email to me in whom he stated that he only lived life in real love, acceptation and forgiving everybody?
Isn’t it like he behaves like God or like the Egyptian pharaohs who claimed to be representatives of God?
Isn’t it equal to a terminal and completely exhausted cancer-patient just before his death and just before he enters the tunnel of enlightenment?
This last phenomenon was found to be caused by the burning down of thousands and thousands conditional brain-reflexes as being our only force of survival.
When all cycles in our Universe are equal ones, this hype of spirituality and/or New Age is really nothing more than that.

The exhausted cancerous society.

I don’t go in detail here about the play of yin and yang in case of cancer, which is again equal to the cosmic one at this moment. It is too specialized, but it is a very aggressive [yang] disease.
Is it a coincidence the Max Planck Institute recently named the cosmos “cannibalism”?
Isn’t cancer a cannibalistic disease also by consuming and exhausting our own body?
But I can guarantee that at the end Yin is winning this chronicle and exhausting battle on all levels of the cosmic watch and results firstly an earthly Big Bang which finally kills life [the Biblical prediction of Uranus] and 1000 years later a Big Crunch or a fall back on the sun.
Isn’t it equal to “the tunnel of enlightening” during the last breath?
I don’t go in detail about the technical explanation of progressive exhaustion in cancer as well as in our cancerous society.
I only will try to explain it in comparisons in the illusionary hope that you can understand that this DWS syndrome only increases cancerous growth.

First of all it is not necessary to say that life is a constant fight against death.
Secondly it is also unnecessary to say that mankind tries to turn everything into money or into assertiveness, with as highest goals the White House and/or the White Cathedral of God.
Is it a coincidence that the nowadays Pope also prays “love, acceptation and forgivingness” and in the same time is making money on the stock market?
Isn’t money equivalent to food supply in cells?
Is there a difference with the spiritual New Age Movement with its charismatic pawn David Wilcock?
Black and white is both extremely rich and powerful.
Strange enough The Truth itself is invaluable and worthless or dead loss and this is the mirror of mankind’s attitude. Isn’t that also the reason that nobody is searching for the Truth itself?
I think it is.
It is not necessary to tell that the New Age is a truly add of the self-consuming cancerous society. It is like hyper-alimentation of cancer patient from which doctors claim that the patient live longer.
But it is a law of nature that starvation increases specialization and over-nutrition has the opposite effect on cells. That also should imply that our social cancerous attitude only will be aggravated and leads to “the rich becoming even richer and the poor starve to death”.
This means the contrarily.
This phenomenon of the increased cancer-like cell-mitosis in relation to increased nutrition can simply be simulated by local injections of the nutritional cell-enzyme hyaluronidase and also here its aggressiveness is proportional with the concentration and duration of the injections.
Is it all a coincidence?

Then I ask you to look also to “the black pawn” in our world-society, cynically living in the White House as well: a pawn who is making metastases all over the world by damaging wars which destroy the infrastructure and finally bring the black gold home for own survival.
Isn’t it again completely similar to cancer itself?
But …
Isn’t it also a welcome movement for these “black leaders” to know that this spiritual movement not only support “the baked air economy” [clinically named hyper-alimentation], but also prays love, acceptation and forgivingness for everyone - included the world-leaders?
Can you understand that all Western Governments [the cradle of cancer] cheer and welcome this spiritual movement?
That and nothing more is the hype “spirituality” with its headquarter in America ,which is now working on a film of eternal life - for them who live in love, acceptation and forgivingness – in …
It is really not to believe!
David Wilcock is making a film now in “The Holy Wood” of the predicted country of sunset and paid by donations of his New Age disciples.

Final conclusion
Again I say that I feel very sorry for David Wilcock that I linked his name with the mental illness David Wilcock Syndrome, but as being a pawn he automatically ask for it.
A mental disease?
May I guide you to another level of the cosmic watch with its thousands cycles, which all are linked together?
Isn’t mankind part of nature?
Mankind is growing to a human plague progressively and exhausts - like cancer - all life in a tremendous speed.
Aren’t we the brutal egoistic cannibals of earthly life ourselves?
Is that part of our Cosmic Intelligence or KI?
Is that the consciousness of awareness, which is claimed by David Wilcock and his disciples?
Isn’t that a mental disease or not?
Aren’t we all become crazy or “seeing blind and hearing deaf at the end of our days”?
I discussed here only the “David Wilcock Syndrome”, but the “George Bush Syndrome” is in its mirror completely similar.

They Ancient Wisdom let us finally: “All cycles in the Universe are temporary ones except the biggest [as being the entire Universe] and the smallest [an atom], which found the way to eternity.
Can it be said more clearly?
Isn’t this spiritual hype the ultimate pride before the fall?


First of all I have to thank all patients who patiently accepted my medical experiments with un-patentable body-own enzymes. Without their help I never had found the key of our suffering illnesses and wars, which also follows a predicted cycle of this Universal Law.
Secondly I have to thank the Royal Dutch Society of Medicine [KNMG] as well as the Dutch Government who finally honored me with the status of being an “untreatable mental crippled” and owing to which I could leave this pillar of self-destruction.
A pillar of self-destruction as suffering illness and wars is the ultimate attempt of nature to correct our overgrowth.
Owing to this status I was able to continue my study about the Ancient Knowhow about cosmic cycles as well as the essence of life at the end of expansion of the Universe.
Finally I have to thank all colleagues, all scientists of other disciplines as well as my fellowmen who blamed me with shame owing to which I learned by bitter experience.
Yes, a bitter experience with a happy end, because ...
Now I can say that all our sufferings – owing to thinking – are part of the cosmic law in order to keep the Universe in eternal motion.
Now I can say that good and/or bad thinking are mankind’s wanderings, because in God’s Perfection nothing can go wrong.
Perhaps it looks like arrogance, but as you know that I started my campaign about our cancerous world-society already in 1981, perhaps you can agree that time proved that this threat wasn’t unrealistic at all.
It looks arrogant, but I only try to inform you as precise as possible.
Thanks everybody for your help in the good and in the bad.

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